We’re at a critical point in our history.  We’re using resources faster than the earth can replenish them.  At our current level of consumption we would need one and a half planets for it to be sustainable, and developing economies are all accelerating this trend.  If everyone had the same standard of living as the US we’d need more than 3 planets worth of resources to sustain us.

Most of us know this, and yet both individually and collectively we’re behaving in ways that are in denial of this truth.

Just as the Titanic was holed by an iceberg and sank, we’re also surrounded by ‘icebergs’ that could sink our economic and social systems if we continue to ignore them.

This book examines how the current situation has evolved, and uses the Butterfly's Journey to illustrate how we can achieve a future we all desire for ourselves and the generations to follow, without having to resort to an ascetic, primitive ‘back to nature’ lifestyle.

In short, it’s about how we can create a vibrant and sustainable future everyone can buy into, while enjoying better and more fulfilled lives.

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