The Titanic and The Butterfly is about Thought Leadership and will make great TV as it involves viewers, helping them see their world in new ways and inviting them to ask different questions, to create new possibilities for the future.

Ideally the series will be linked in with Blended Learning opportunities on website, with new resources being added for each episode.

This proposed series of 1-hour programmes traces the Titanic story and relates it to human behaviour in the context of various systems.  It asks "What are the Titanic Factors, and what are the Icebergs we need to be looking out for?"

Episode 1: The Titanic Story and Human Development - Looks at the events of the Titanic's maiden voyage and the factors leading to the disaster.  What are the key issues, where else do we see these in human development, and what are the underlying social and psychological reasons we keep repeating these behaviours?

Episode 2: Economics, Business and Consumption - The development of commerce and its role in society; global super-corporations and their impact: why the economy is unsustainable; balancing corporate and societal needs; our role as consumers.

Episode 3: Education - Our outdated education models; failure to provide balanced education; why our system produces losers; the importance of creativity and innovation; education's central role in society.

Episode 4: Politics and the Law - Evolution of democracy and why it's not working; why political leaders are out of touch; the role of government in the 21st Century; the role of NGOs; how the law disempowers us; the broken link between community and justice.

Episode 5: Community and the Environment - Community is our natural default state; the rise and fall of community; our need for contribution; our changing relationship with nature; the search for balance.

Episode 6: The Leadership Challenge - The failings of old leadership models; who are the leaders?; our role as followers; what we need from leaders in the 21st Century; a new type of transformational leadership.


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